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Effective Immediately


1. All Hair Extension Clients will recognize I am not God and I can only work with the hair you have. Sometimes your hair may not be healthy enough for hair extensions and I will refuse to do it. Clients must have a consult with me before appointment. I currently do them online. 


2. All New Clients must use a credit card to book and pay chair as I work from various salons in the city.


3. Appointments that are cancelled must be done 24 hrs in advance or pay a cancellation fee of half price on  your service.


4. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time. Late appointments will be cancelled 10 minutes after and you will be charged half  the money for your requested service.


5. Please do not bring other people with you without permission from Danygenie. Your appointment is yours alone.


6. If there is a disagreement with any service. you have 24 hrs  to let me know so that I can fix the problem. There are no refunds.


7.  Danygenie is a private professional  hair stylist, licensed in NY and VA.  I give good advice on your hair care and I want you to follow my directions so that your hair stays in good condition. I am always willing to share with my clients any knowledge about their hair care options. I look forward to speaking with you, your friends and family. 

8. Clients  can bring their own hair or buy from the links on my website. Please note that I am not responsible for the quality of the hair that I suggest, but I know these sites are excellent for hair extensions and so I offer them to you.





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