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About Hair Extensions and General guidelines

How many extensions will I need?

The following are general guidelines. Each client will have different needs. With time, you will find what is right for you.

How many you may need depends on 3 things:

1.) Do you want more length

2.) Do you simply want more volume added to your own hair?

3.) How thick (weight) are the extensions you are buying? And how thick is your own hair?

If you want more length:

You can choose to have more length with lots of volume or more length with a sleeker look (less volume).

If your hair is already past shoulder-length or longer:

For I-Tips Micro Ring/Beads Method 18″ length you may need 100 strands Locks and Bonds Extensions for a sleeker look (2 packs = 80 grams), or, 150 extensions for length with more volume (3 packs= 120 grams) and for extra volume 200 strands (4 packs 160 grams). The ends of true Remy hair are always tapered for a more natural look. If you want max. length with thicker, less tapered ends, you may opt to cut the extensions 2 to 3 inches on the bottom. 
For 22″ length, you may need 150 (3 packs=120 grams) to 200 strands (4 packs=160grams) and extra volume 250 strands (5 packs=200 grams).

For Tape Hair in 18″ length you may need 2-3 packs (80-120 grams) for a sleaker look, and 3-5 packs (120-200 grams)
for 22″ length you may need 4-6 packs (160-240 grams)


If your hair is thick in texture, you will also need more than if your own hair texture is thinner… consider buying an extra pack  just in case.

If your hair is short, above shoulder or shorter, you will need more extensions.

If you have a short or a blunt cut hair style (like a bob), you may want to have layers cut into your hair either before or after installation, so that you do not have a “ledge” were your own hair ends and the extensions begin.

If you want to add more volume to your existing length:

For adding more volume to your existing length, you may only need 1 to 2 packs of I-Tips or Tape Extensions (40-80 grams). You can easily then have them cut to your existing length and they will blend right in!

Weight and texture of Locks and Bonds Extensions:

Many extensions for sale are only .5 grams. Always check the net weight of the hair your are ordering and not how many extensions you are getting. Often 200 “light weight” extensions may be less in weight than 150 of our extensions.

Virgin Remy I-Tips are 1 gram strands and 25 strands per pack.


European hair is fine and silky.

It is thinner than asian hair, and curls easily. If you have very thick hair, you may need extra extensions. If your hair is very curly or wire-y, you will have to adjust your hair or the extensions by styling them so that they match. 


Please remember, the above are general guidelines. It is a highly individual preference as to how many extensions you may need. With time, you will be able to judge just how many extensions you will need for a certain look. Wearing extensions is like anything else, you will learn more and more over time! Caution: Once you start wearing extensions, it is highly addictive! You will not want to be without them anymore!


Strand by Strand (SOCAP USA Certified) 
Amino Acid Smoothing 
Keratin Smoothing Complex by Coppolla
Whirl A Style Updos/Braid/Blowouts
Scalp and Hairloss Treatments


Always strive to do my best with each client. To always be honest in all my endevours. To always educate myself and to always share with my clients.

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